Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Get it Sorted.

Storage can be an issue in most homes, regardless of size. In these projects below I designed and fitted some simple clean lined cupboards and storage spaces into homes that were in need of places to put some stuff. They transformed the rooms without making them feel any smaller. In fact they often felt more spacious! Amazing what good design and build can do.

This pair of alcove wardrobes gave Mia an amazing amount of storage in her bedroom. Making the most of ceiling height they have two hanging rails and a tall run of shelves finished off with bespoke hand made Walnut handles. 

This under stair storage in Katherine's flat, has solved many issues she had with storage. the clean lines allows for a seamless flow in the hallway.

A simple but effective shelving unit designed and built for Mark and Val for their Brighton home. Bespoke design meant that the fixed fire and tv could be accommodated within a modulated structure. 

This was a modern take on those inbuilt wardrobes that your bed would be backed into. I designed and built this huge storage unit that includes a hidden section behind the head of the bed for occasionally needed stuff. Full height and drawers gave Stacy and Andre lots of options.

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