Tuesday, 9 September 2014

It's been a while

Yeah I know. I have been a bit lazy for a while and not been updating my blog but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy making stuff. A thought I would throw a few things into a little post here of some of projects I have been working on. Below are some images of some of my work over the past year or so.

A new bangle design and this time a collaboration with my lovely friend and textile designer Aimee Betts. http://www.aimeebetts.com

My best bud and Chef, Chris, has just started his own company 'The Big Blu' and needed some signage for his lovely van. So I stepped in to help. Below you can see how it looks. Check out what he is up to at http://www.thebigblu.co.uk  

Another baby so another letter. This one was for Isobelle. 

So Aimee started to experiment with the weave to great effect. 
I have a baby on the way so it seems only right to build some much needed furniture at home. Let's hope the baby doesn't wriggle around too much up on top of there! 
 My signature birch ply blue handles
I liked the idea off a table lamp for the kitchen so made this.  
Does the job! 
Bo needed some storage in her bedroom so I have made her these two pieces. Really liking using Birch faced ply at the mo and trying a view different details. 

I started with the 4 drawers found in a skip and then built the cupboard to accommodate them. 
Finally got around to building a wardrobe!

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